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Welcome to Home Country Farm

This being my first blog post I thought I’d share with you a little about where and how we live. We live in upstate NY in a area that just has some of the most beautiful views. The picture above is from my front door looking out at the moutains. This picture was taken in 2017. I thought it would be approperiate because today we had our first snow. ┬áThe area is full of artist, hiking trails, and great shopping. It all depends on what your looking to do.

We are a busy family. We have 2 children one living at home and about to graduate. My husband is about to retire form a 25 year job. We are looking forward to a new adventure together. My job is not that of a stay at home mom. I work from my home as an artist working in polymer clay, quilts, and bags. Along with anything else I think I would like to try. I sell my work at craft show and etsy. My husband has few idea of his own but is just waiting for retirement to try them out.

This is a new website for us . I hope you have a look around and make a few comments. Be kind thou this is still a work in progress.


Most people think of me as a stay at home mom, but I'm not. I am a home country wife and wear many hats. At times I am a wife and mother. Other times I am a quilter, crafter, and artist. I do live on a hobby farm and have many hobbies and interest. I sell my work at craft markets and on Etsy

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