Making Quilt Templates


Today we are making a few templates for the Farmer’s Wife Quilt. It really is easy. Just a few supplies are needed. Template material such as cardboard, template plastic, or heavy cardstock. This should be something sturdy to hold up against several uses. Glue, I used Fabric Tac Glue by Beacon. It doesn’t distort the paper like most glues do. A pair of sharp craft scissors not your fabric scissors and of course your printed templates

Supplies are Template plastic, Fabri-Tac, Scissor and printed template

The templates for this pattern come with the book on CD . Just follow the instruction to print them, that came with the book. Be sure that when you print them, that it prints to actual size. Some printers will automatically adjust the image. You don’t want your printer to do that. The results will be a block that is not the correct size . This book also gives permission to print the templates at your local copy shop.

The next step is to rough cut the paper printed template out and glue it to the template material. I used template plastic, but as I stated above you can also use what ever sturdy material you have on hand. Even cereal boxes works well. Let the glue set a few minutes or the paper will slide.

There are two lines on the template a dotted line which represents a cutting line, and a solid line which represents a stitch line. I have chosen to cut the template on the stitch line. I will be drawing around the template and cutting it 1/4 larger then the solid line ( I show this in the next post)

I store the finished template into an envelope that I have decorated with some scrapbook paper. I also created a check list so I could keep track of which templates were done.


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