Happy Valentine

I feel like I have been away for so long. Let start my saying Happy Valentine’s to everyone. I hope you “Feel the Love”. I have been traveling back and forth to South Carolina with the hopes of moving there. While there I was able to check out a few quilt shops and let say the people are so nice. I was made to feel at home and just had a wonderful time. The first shop we went to was Quilting at the beach The ladies there were very helpful. It also seems that no matter where you go you always meet someone from NY.

The next stop was in Conway SC. What a unique little town. I look forward to exploring this little town some more. We stopped at Sit and Sew. Joanne was so nice. She gave us the layout of the town. We did go back on Sunday with the idea that we were going to have dinner but it was getting late and stores were closing. We did happen to find people coming out of a small shop that appeared to be a house.  They were caring wine. Turns out it is the second oldest house in Conway and they were having wine tasting in Conway. That was our luck because I like wine. When we walked in it was like sitting in someone’s livingroom. People were gathered around a table drinking wine and talking. We did a tasting and were invited to look around as it was a shop. We did buy some wine as I said meeting people from NY. The cashier that helped up is from our area and her daughter still lives here.

I love the weather in South Carolina. It would be nice to leave the cold on NY, and the people are so nice it feels like a culture shock when I return.

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