Banza Pasta &Prego Farmers Market Sauce Product Reveiw

I have been living with type 2 Diabetes and I am a pasta lover but most pasta is very starchy and can rise my blood sugar. So I have in search of a pasta that will taste like pasta and have the consistence of regular pasta. I think I found it. Banza pasta is made with Chickpea flour. It contains 32 grams of carbs most in the form of fiber and only 2 grams of total sugar (no added sugar) When I cooked it did have make some foam, but other then that it cooked just like regular pasta. The flavor was that of regular pasta. I couldn’t believe it.

The local grocery store was having a sale this week that if you bought the Banza Pasta you can Prego Farmers Market Pasta Sauce free. Sometime we are just so busy that we forget to take out something for dinner. So pasta and a jar sauce with salad makes up a quick meal. The Prego Farmers Market Pasta sauce  come in several flavors, for this dinner I used the Classic Marinara ( I haven’t read the other labels yet) It had 8gm of carbs. 7grams of sugar and only 1 gram of that  was added sugar. The flavor was good ( not homemade) and I could read all the ingredients.

These items are now on my pantry shelf for the quick fix meal. You can find them in the pasta isle of most grocery stores also on Thrive Market , Love them Thanks Banza and Prego.

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