10 Things to Do during Cornavirse

So I am doing my part. I am staying home as much as possible. I do have to the grocery store not that you can buy any kind of paper. We do have high spirits here and are looking forward to spring. We have ordered a greenhouse so it will be fun to put that together. I just thought that I would give my two cents about this 14 day or longer stay at home .

  1. This is a good time to binge watch all those show I have on my DVR.  Bring on the popcorn and wine.
  2. Its a great time to spend with my college daughter playing video games.
  3.  It is a great time to nap and catch up on some reading
  4. Find my creative juice again. By drawing and playing with art supplies
  5. Quilt. I love quilting and I have lots of fabric.
  6.  Explore the internet for some crafting idea
  7. Build my inventory for when I can reopen my online shop. Yes I am closing for the 14 days. or longer if needed.
  8.  Cleaning my house. You know those closets and drawers and under the stove.
  9. When it is nice I plan to do some yard work
  10.  Cleaning my studio

So everyone think outside the box about what you can do at home to stay at home and remember we are all in it together. So stay American Strong. Stay safe and Bless it be.


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