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Camping in Virgina

Our Adventure Begins

My husband and I would like to see some of the sites that the United States has to offer. So we purchased a new camper. We have camped before but it has been awhile and some of it will be new to us. We have been looking for some time for a camper that would meet our needs. We picked out a Trensend Explore. We really like the floor plan and the space the slide out gave us.

New Camper

Our First Trip

For our first trip we decided to go to Virginia Landing. The stay was part of our free trial of Thousand Island Trails. This campground must have been exceptional at one time, The grounds are very large and you can see that it had lots of sites that were no longer useable. The weather was cloudy, really windy, I thought we were going to blow away the one night. And it rained half the time we were their. The campground was clean at least what we could see of it. The community area were closed due to Covid -19 The staff really made me feel like we were putting them out in some way. The communication with them was bad. They left us a message and when we tried to call them back all we got was an answering machine. Then the day we were to arrive they called 3 times to make sure we were coming. and what time would our arrival be. Their office closed at 3pm. I have been camping many places and never have they closed that early. They said they had Wi-fi, well I never picked up a signal and they didn’t even give us password for a Wi-fi. So I don’t think they had it. Shopping and beaches were 30 to 40 minutes away. They advertised clamming but no-one was around to tell you where or even how.

Camping Virginia Landing VA

Would I stay here again, Yes, although I was disappointed in the amenities. I did enjoy the quiet. My husband and I did do some walking and reconnecting with each other. The campground was clean and quiet. It is a really nice place to unplug and enjoy the wild life. On our last day there the sun came out and we awoke to a beautiful sunrise and enjoyed some time on a beach. .

Sunrise on our last day


Most people think of me as a stay at home mom, but I'm not. I am a home country wife and wear many hats. At times I am a wife and mother. Other times I am a quilter, crafter, and artist. I do live on a hobby farm and have many hobbies and interest. I sell my work at craft markets and on Etsy

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